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BLACK OPAL SHOP - Highest quality from Australia

Opal is Australia's National Gemstone, it's the 'Queen of Gems'. Opal is the most fascinating of all gemstones and the finest quality Opals are only found in Australia. Opal is unique among gemstones. No two Opals are ever exactly alike and the colors and patterns within each stone can change with the angle of view. It is these ever changing rolls and flashes of color that make this a truly fascinating and beautiful gem. Opal has long been associated with luck in myth and legend. Today its popularity is increasing as people around the world are introduced to its captivating beauty.

An Opal is a stone you will treasure forever.

Black Opal Shop - Buy Australian Opals from the opal experts! 

Large variety of the best quality solid (natural, untreated) black opals, boulder opals and crystal opals at affordable prices! Ready to be set into Opal Jewelry. In order to protect our clients, we do NOT stock doublets, triplets or synthetic opals.


Note: "The term Black Opal is somewhat misleading as the opal is not 'black' in color, but has a very dark base body color, which enhances the brilliance of the diffracted colors."